Renewing Domain Names

Renewing Domain Names

Once you have register a domain name, you will be able to use it for span of time for the time you registered it. The peried for registration is at least one year and up to ten years. Once it expires, if you intend to keep the domain name and the services attached to it like the website of course and the email service then you will need to renew the domain name registration before it expires so that you will have a hassle free and smooth flowing continous use of the domain. On the other hand if you are no longer interested in keeping the domain name then you can just stop the renewal and do not renew anything.

It is definitely hard to renew a domain name that already expired. It will cause disruption to the service or brand your business / website is current serving. It is a hassle and sometimes people just forget to renew their domain despite the notifications of expiration, well it happens and it sucks. Below are the list to avoid the expiration of your domain

Know the Details of the registration of your Domain Name

The most essential thing for you to do in order for you to protect the domain name is to know the Details of the registration of your Domain Name. There are a lot of things you can check in order to make sure that your domain does not expire unintentionally. You can check the options and costs of renewing the domain name, each registrar service are different so make sure to just check. There are option like auto-renew where you can easily renew your domain name without doing anything. It’s also important to keep your contact information up to date so you receive notices of any changes to your registrar’s terms of service. If you are unsure who your registrar is, you can perform a search to find out here.

Keep Track on your Calendar

Once you know the details of your domain name registration, you can just tick your calendar and make sure to mark the expiration of your domain, so will not be caught off guard once it expires.
You can always check the expiration on your domain registrar’s panel.

Opt for an Auto Renew

Most if not all of the registrars are offering auto renewal for your domain name once you register. You can choose this option just to be sure that you will renew your domain with ease, especially if you are certain that your domain name is something you will keep for a long period of time. Make sure though that the payment method / option you selected has a balance on it for the fees of the domain.

Keep an eye out for renewal reminders

The registrars are required to send out reminders to the domain owners. They have to at least send two renewal reminders to all the domain owners. One reminder will be sent out one month before the expiration and one reminder will be sent out one week before the expiration of the domain. Once you receive the reminder, you can either ignore it if you plan to lose the website or renew it immediately if you plan to keep it. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date so that you receive these important reminders.

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